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Planning a wedding ↔ choosing a wedding photographer

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

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So you’ve decided to have your wedding in Cyprus. The sunny, relaxed island of the Mediterranean sea. Yet, as the big day approaches things are nothing but relaxed… You’re researching wedding planners, choosing wedding venues and shopping extensively for that elusive, perfect wedding dress! If ever you catch yourself wondering, allow us to reassure you. Yes, it’s all worth it!

The preparations, the dress, the cake, the flowers, the décor… it’s all going to be wonderful! And when it comes down to it, you’ll be wanting a wedding photographer that can capture that detail in all its majestic glory. Yet, a wedding is so much more than just that. It’s all your friends together, it’s all your family as one… witnessing you dedicating your love. It’s the start of a great journey, which two souls prepare to undertake, hand in hand.

Cyprus Wedding Photographer

© Fluid Photography

You need a wedding photographer than will immortalize that day so that you and others can always look back and remember. At Fluid Photography, we share a dream. That no love story should ever be forgotten. We are the keepers of memory. Collectors of shards of time. One piece for the tears of joy from a loved one. One for the first dance. One for the veil. In authenticity and style, we will tell your tale. Memories may fade and flowers may wither, but pictures… they are forever.

Based predominantly in Cyprus, our wedding photographers employ a photojournalistic approach; working mostly from the background they allow events to unfold naturally. But they do so with an eye for architecture and interiors. A dose of fashion. A dash of cinematic flare. And because we believe in telling your story as vividly and reliably as possible, we make certain our equipment is everything you should expect from a professional photography service.

Based in Nicosia, available in all corners of Cyprus

Tough based in Nicosia, we travel to all corners of Cyprus to cover peoples’ love stories. Whether your wedding is in Limassol, Larnaka, Paphos or Ayia Napa, we will be there.

Fluid Photography

In Fluid we believe there’s something more than a photograph
It’s your tale and the way you share it with others
It’s how you experience life
All your dreams that became true
Things you can’t wait for and thing that really matter
It’s about the people you love most
The first step into your new life and the commitment you make
A moment of absolute truth
An authentic look
A sparkle of elegance an expression of feelings
Your love, your passion
It’s all about you and much more…

At Fluid photography we share a dream. We look forward to sharing that dream with you.

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