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Katya & Seda

Friendship is a gift we normally take for granted, while we should be celebrating this blessing as a hard-earned privilege. Having someone to share life-lasting moments with, someone to call family even when you are not related, someone to care for and care for you – this is the true potential of humanity.

I had the opportunity to meet and work with the wonderful Katya and Seda, two friends from different corners of the world. Seda originally is from Armenia, however she currently resides in Estonia, where fate brought her closer to Katya.

Now, they have decided to travel once a year in eachothers’ company, to the various parts of the world they haven’t yet had the chance to explore. Cyprus was luckily one of their many stops and in celebration of the memories they created on our island, they decided to have a professional photoshoot together. We had a lovely time together on our short road trip to one of Ayia Napa’s hottest destinations – Cavo Greco, followed by a visit to Protaras. But without proof there would be no crime, so I’ll leave the evidence for you to examine.

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