Celebrations; moments of festivity, usually involving the gathering of a mass of people, in means of expressing happiness for a special occurrence. Weddings, for example, are a very common form for the human species. They are meant to be events devoted to celebrating the union of two human beings (usually), in the name of love. For some, the event must be as big as it gets; the more the merrier. For others however, the essence is in the “who?” rather than in the “how many?”. It’s not “where” it’s “with whom”. It’s more private and directed to the ones that are the most important for the couple; let that be parents, let that be family, let that be their closest of friends. 

Anastasiia & Drew for example, a couple that radiates the best of vibes in the happiest of relationships, madly in love with each other, is one of those special cases that would rather do something smaller but more meaningful to them rather than the other way around. Even though they come from two very different sides of the world ( Anastasiia is from Ukraine and Drew is from the USA) they chose to fly their most loved ones to Cyprus and get married at the four-star, luxurious Grecian Sands Hotel in Ayia Napa. That might seem like a strange, unexpected choice on their behalf at first but if you actually think about it, it’s more than brilliant. Our climate here in Cyprus is comparatively much warmer , our days are a lot sunnier while simultaneously our lifestyle and mentality are heavily affected by the fact that we live on an island, leading to a more chill,relaxing, care-free vibe – especially in coastal areas. Apparently, the couple itself didn’t miss the memo and decided to hop on the train (well, airplane in this case) to get married on our invaluably beautiful island. The result was majestic; definitely a trip that they will always remember. The wedding as a whole was overwhelmingly emotional for anyone and everyone present , bringing tears of joy to our eyes. I myself also felt moved -being familiar with the couple, since we also had the opportunity to work together previously in a separate photo shoot. The ceremony took place while the sun was setting and it was clear, that the scenery was made solely to complement the couple. At the end of the long night, Drew honoured us by singing some karaoke songs, which apparently is also how he met his wife years ago, making it even more special -like a circle that is finally closing, while their love will live on eternally. 

Even though I could go on and on about this particular wedding, I firmly believe that the photographs speak for themselves and can convey the story in ways I would never be able to. Therefore, I’ll let you to enjoy the content below. Cheers to real love!



Having read this I thought it was very informative. I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this article together. I once again find myself spending way to much time both reading and commenting. But so what, it was still worth it!

Your house is valueble for me. Thanks!…

for both of us since I got to know them a bit more as well and since I also worked with them on their wedding later on, it gave us an extra boost of confidence and familiarity with each

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